Evaluation of Related Risk Factors in Number of Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Carpet Weavers in Iran

Evaluation of Related Risk Factors in Number of Musculoskeletal Disorders Among Carpet Weavers in Iran Subject: Safety and Health at Work
Main Writer: Nasim Karimi
Other Writers: Abbas Moghimbeigi ,*, Majid Motamedzade , Ghodratollah Roshanaei
Publish Year: 2016
Print Turn: 4

Background: Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are a common problem among carpet weavers. This

study was undertaken to introduce affecting personal and occupational factors in developing the number

of MSDs among carpet weavers.

Methods: A cross-sectional study was performed among 862 weavers in seven towns with regard to

workhouse location in urban or rural regions. Data were collected by using questionnaires that contain

personal, workplace, and information tools and the modified Nordic MSDs questionnaire. Statistical

analysis was performed by applying Poisson and negative binomial mixed models using a full Bayesian

hierarchical approach. The deviance information criterion was used for comparison between models and

model selection.

Results: The majority of weavers (72%) were female and carpet weaving was the main job of 85.2% of

workers. The negative binomial mixed model with lowest deviance information criterion was selected as

the best model. The criteria showed the convergence of chains. Based on 95% Bayesian credible interval,

the main job and weaving type variables statistically affected the number of MSDs, but variables age, sex,

weaving comb, work experience, and carpet weaving looms were not significant.

Conclusion: According to the results of this study, it can be concluded that occupational factors are

associated with the number of MSDs developing among carpet weavers. Thus, using standard tools and

decreasing hours of work per day can reduce frequency of MSDs among carpet weavers.

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Bayesian analysis Iran musculoskeletal disorders occupational disease ایمنی
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