Safety Culture An Innovative Leadership Approach

Safety Culture  An Innovative Leadership Approach Subject: safety culture
Writer: Nathan Crutchfield and James Roughton
Publication: Elsevier
ISBN: 978-0-12-396496-0
Publish Year: 2014
Page Count: 354
Print Turn: اول

Current safety and risk management guidelines necessitate that organizations develop and formally manage their understanding and knowledge of the standards and protocols of risk management. The impact of communication and human performance on the identification and control of hazards and associated risk must be addressed in a structured manner. This core reference provides a complete guide to creating a comprehensive and effective safety culture.

Safety Culture is a reference for safety and risk professionals and a training text for corporate-based learners and students at university level. The book will keep safety and risk management professionals up-to-date and will provide the tools needed to develop consistent and effective organizational safety protocols.

  • How to develop a foundation to improve the perception of safety, analyze the organizational culture and its impact on the safety management system, and review the importance of developing a influential network
  • Provides a format for establishing goals and objectives, discusses the impact of leadership on the safety management system and the roles and responsibilities needed as well as methods to gain employee participation
  • Tools to enhance the safety management system, the education and training of employees, how to assess the current safety management system, and the process of curation is introduced
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